1. The organizer of the exhibition sends a written invitation to the expert, indicating the date of the exhibition, the approximate number of exhibitors and breeds of dogs.

2. The expert is obliged to inform the Organizer in writing about the acceptance or rejection of the invitation.

If the expert cannot fulfill his obligation due to very important reasons, he must immediately inform the Exhibition Organizer in writing. Cancellation of an invitation is allowed only in case of force majeure.

If the exhibition is canceled in less than a month, the Exhibition Organizer is obliged to reimburse the expert for the costs incurred by him.

3. At least 2 weeks in advance, the Show Organizer is obliged to inform the expert about the breeds and number of dogs proposed for judging.

4. Experts have the right to enter into personal contracts with the Exhibition Organizer, which may differ from the conditions specified below, and which must be strictly observed by both parties. However, when no such contracts have been entered into, they should use this provision.

5. The organizer of the exhibition, in accordance with the preliminary agreement, must take care of the expert from the moment of his arrival until the moment of his departure, usually this period includes the day before the exhibition, the days of the exhibition itself and the day after the exhibition. The judge must be provided with accommodation (a hotel of at least 3 stars), regular meals.

6. All expenses incurred by the expert must be reimbursed upon arrival in the pre-agreed currency, and the reimbursement of expenses for the air flight is made at a fare not less than economy class. If the distance to the exhibition venue by air is less than 500 km, the judge can arrive by train, in which case the Organizer pays a fare not less than a compartment carriage. All other arrival options (cars, etc.) are negotiated individually.

7. An expert (Russian or foreign) invited to the exhibition cannot conduct an examination of more than 70 dogs per day (exceptions for remote regions) with a mandatory individual description for each dog. The organizer of the show is obliged to invite the required number of experts, taking into account the registered number of dogs for the show. 

8. An expert may not register dogs registered in his name or his family members at exhibitions, where he conducts an examination.  On the day when an expert makes an examination at an exhibition, he has no right to perform any other functions for organizing and holding any other exhibition.

9. The judge cannot judge a dog of which he is the owner or co-owner. The same applies to dogs owned by a member of his family.

10. The expert is prohibited from:

  • look at the exhibition catalog during the examination;
  • smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, eating, talking on the phone in the ring during the examination;
  • follow the participants (owners, breeders, handlers, exhibitors, etc.) of the given exhibition by car or special bus to the place of the exhibition, where he carries out the examination;
  • communicate with any participant of the exhibition, stay in his house or at his maintenance until the end of the exhibition.

 11. Organizers of the exhibition, ring brigades, trainees and translators do not have the right to personally or with the help of a third party exhibit dogs belonging to them on the basis of ownership (co-ownership) or lease, as well as personally exhibit dogs that do not belong to them on the basis of ownership (co-ownership) or rent.