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Public Organization "Union of Cynological Organizations of Russia" (SCOR), is a member of the International Union  "International Kennel Union" (IKU) and the "Union of Pet Enterprises" SPZ. Registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and unites more than 1,500 cynological organizations in Moscow and most regions of Russia.

We mutually cooperate with canine organizations in Russia, Europe and America. SKOR dogs successfully perform at exhibitions of all continents. Our Union is becoming more and more popular every day. The work of the organization is based on the principles of complete democracy, great love for animals and respect for their owners.
The central office is located in the center of Moscow, we provide support in all areas in the field of cynology, organization of exhibitions, registration of clubs and kennels, dog owners, registration of litters, preparation for exhibitions and in all types of training and sports with dogs. * SKOR members work *:international canine school, school for children and dogs, young handler, grooming salons, handling rooms, hotels for dogs, a rehabilitation room, a training pool, veterinarians, a showroom with the world's best brands for dogs.
A unified computer data bank has been created, a unified herd book is being maintained, a unified form of pedigrees has been developed, a unified system of dog branding has been introduced, and a unified registration of kennels and factory prefixes is being conducted. Agreements have been concluded with the best companies producing feed, veterinary drugs and accessories for dogs, veterinary clinics for the support and service of members of the Union. 
* SKOR partners * the best transnational feed companies "Valta Pet Products", Royal Canin, Eukanuba,  Farmina is a manufacturer of dog food, Mexidol-vet, Hel-veterinary companies, SCOR's doors are open to all true dog lovers. Waiting for you!

SCOR's doors are open to all true dog lovers.
Come, we will be always glad to see you!

Famous politicians and show business stars bought puppies from us: Alexander Domogarov, Arkady Novikov, Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Vladimir Mashkov, Olga Shelest, Ekaterina Shavrina, Max Pokrovsky, Alla Bayanova, Alexander Malinin, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Alina Kabaeva, Dmitry Malikov, Anatoly Kucherena, Evgenia Malakhova, Oscar Kuchera, Keti Topuria, Arsenium and many many others who love and understand a lot about good dogs - our smaller brothers. 

Arkady and Nadezhda Novikov - Jack Russell breeders.

Max Pokrovsky fell in love at first sight with a wonderful Labrador puppy.

Oscar and Yulia already have three puppies from our club.

Philip Kirkorov is the most caring owner in our club.

Vladimir Mashkov knows - there should be a lot of Yorkies ...

Alexander Peskov and cattel dog John.

What are dog shows for: goals, objectives and significance

The dog show is an entertaining and zootechnical competition. The event, which presents various breeds of dogs, is interesting from a zootechnical point of view. The purpose of the exhibition is, if possible, to gather representatives of the pedigree world.

Thanks to such a competition, you can get an idea of \ u200b \ u200bthe population of a pedigree class of dogs in a particular territory. The exhibition shows the level of breeding in dog clubs, the focus of kennels. Competitive demonstration helps not only to identify the best pedigree representatives, the exhibition is a wonderful platform for communication between dog breeders.

A dog show is a dog show where you can learn about breeding breeders. But not only information about promising offspring is shared at the competition by canine specialists who have come from all over the world, here they communicate, advise, and profitable and interesting contacts and acquaintances are immediately established. At the "dog" holiday, you can find a platform for cooperation and acquire friendly relations.

The atmosphere of dog shows is a state of celebration in the soul, breeding examinations are not only a spectacular event, but also an educational one. For every dog breeder, participation in the exhibition is an opportunity to present his beloved pet to the world, to evaluate his talents. The result of the show is the recognition of the breeder's abilities, his ability to raise a champion.

During the exhibitions, there is an opportunity to purchase useful literature , find interesting materials, information about the breed you like. The dog competition allows you not only to get acquainted with the variety of breeds, but to visually consider the features of a particular species, to see a dog or puppy visually. There is also an opportunity to consult with experts in the canine world on all issues of interest.

If you are planning to buy a dog, then an exhibition is a place where you can learn any information about a new friend.

Competitive atmosphere, exhibition rings contribute to the introduction to the animal world. From the zootechnical side, the exhibitions are intended for breeding work with the breed. The event, where almost all types of dog breeds are presented, helps to see the results of the club's pedigree, to evaluate his work.

For a dog owner, participation in an exhibition is an opportunity to get a title for his pet, because puppies from a titled dog are much more expensive. And if you have acquired a purebred puppy with an excellent pedigree, then it is very important to show him at the exhibition, so that everyone can see what has grown out of your pet, what advantages he received from his parents, to what extent the dog justified the calculations of the breeder.

It is very important for everyone to maintain the prestige of the breed, and if your pet has all the qualities of a high-breed animal, it must be presented at exhibitions in a competition.

The calculation of the competitive show is simple: the more good representatives of your breed will be presented at the show, the more people will be interested in a particular breed. And if the representative of the breed showed excellent results on the show, then there will be more good reviews about the breed. There will certainly be those willing to buy a Weimaraner.

Even if the best representative of the breed sits at home, does not take part in exhibitions, then it becomes problematic to show him to specialists, spectators. After all, he must receive the education of a Weimaraner, behave like him. And there is no certainty that people who deal with pedigree dogs will see him.

In fact, this situation is deplorable for a breeder. It is a pity when, for example, puppies with excellent conformational inclinations, obtained from the planned mating, do not disperse quickly. Such puppies do not make any contribution to the popularization of the breed. So you will not earn prestige not only for your dog, but also for the breed and the kennel, the club where the puppy was purchased.

Ignoring exhibitions is detrimental not only to the breed, but also to the owner of the dog.

The goals and objectives of animal shows can be formulated as follows:

  1. Reporting information about dogs to animal lovers.
  2. Exchange of experience between breeders and dog handlers.
  3. Counting the number of the breed, determining its condition.
  4. Conducting shows, competitions for the prestige of the dog breed.
  5. Exchange of experience and other information between dog owners.
  6. Identification of promising producers of the breed, the best representatives of the breed for further work in breeding.
  7. Popularization of cynology and individual breeds.
  8. Dissemination of novelties and achievements in the field of pet industry, animal science, veterinary medicine.