Armenian wolfhound

1405 Armenian wolfhound

Armenian wolfhound, nursery, Moscow. There are always puppies.

1903 Armenian wolfhound

Puppies with excellent pedigree, 4 months old. Fully vaccinated from the parents of the champions. Moscow region 40,000 rubles

1112 Armenian Wolfhound - Gampr

Armenian wolfhound puppies from purebred imported parents. Ready to move, all documents, a certificate of origin for puppies from Armenia. Moscow 45000 r.

Armenian wolfhound puppies

You can always order a purebred puppy from Armenia. 8 (977) 264-46-72

Attention! In the kennels of our Union there are always puppies of all breeds!

The puppies are covered by the club guarantee!

To clarify information on breeds, call 8 (926) 268-00-74 (Maria) or by phone for communication with breeders 8(977)264-46-72.

Remember! By purchasing a puppy from individuals, you run the risk of being deceived!