Courses IKU

The author's course for beginner breeders

 The author's course for beginner breeders, designed specifically for those who are planning to mate their dog or have already bred a dog, but do not know how to behave further. Beginner Breeder Course:

1. How to feed a bitch correctly from the first day of mating to weaning from puppies

2. Preparing for childbirth. What needs to be prepared for childbirth, which veterinarian you can contact (contact list)

3. What you need to be able to do if the bitch is giving birth, and the veterinarian has not arrived yet

4. Possible pathology of puppies and is it possible to avoid it

5. The first feeding (at what age, how and what to feed the puppies)

6. How correctly and at what age to give an anthelmintic. Features of the selection of anthelmintics.

7. How to vaccinate puppies correctly

8. Weaning puppies from a bitch

9. How puppies are activated

10. Recommendations for choosing mums and dads for puppies.

Registration by phone: +7 903 190-19-24 Elena Petrovna

Location: Moscow, st. Radio d.5 bldg. 4

Courses for children from 8 to 18 years old

If your child wants to learn how to show their dog, then this course is for you!

Classes are held on Sundays in the handling room. 

During the training, children learn a lot of new things, classes include a theoretical, practical course, as well as graduation work.

Registration by phone: +7 903 190-19-24 Elena Petrovna

Location: Moscow, st. Radio d.5 bldg. 4

Author's course for people who are planning to get a dog or have already got it

The course will help to resolve many questions:

1. How to properly raise a puppy and avoid many mistakes

2. Age characteristics of the puppy

3. How to understand your dog, dog body language

4. Basics of Zoo Hygiene and much more

At the end of the course, a diploma is issued.

Registration by phone: +7 926 535-33-29, +7 915 225-75-60 Svetlana Borisovna

Puppy training from 3 to 9 months

1. Classes on raising baby and puppies from 3 to 9 months

2. Training with elements of exhibition training

3. Sirius Program - UK

4. Classes are conducted by an expert of the international category Anischenko Lyudmila Vasilievna, work experience in cynology for 42 years.


Registration by phone:+7 977 264-46-72

School of Firsov under the patronage of SKOR

Cynological school for training dogs under the direction of I.V. Firsov invites you with your pets to visit the ISS Kennel Center.

Our school provides training in the following programs:

- ABC of cynology (recommended for all beginners) from 1 to 3 individual lessons 1 time per week on theoretical and practical training;

- obedient puppy (puppies from 3 to 6 months) 5 lessons once a week;

- controlled dog (controlled city dog - UGS; protective city dog - ZGS) 10 lessons 1 time per week;

- Applied sports (general training course - OKD; protective guard service - ZKS; international training course - IPO) from 10 lessons, depending on the working qualities of the dog;

- bodyguard (guarding the owner, apartment, car, territory) from 10 lessons once a week with a trip to your territory, after completing the course of the ZGS or ZKS, the cost is 3000 rubles;

- special training (search and detection of explosives, NS, ORP) individually from 3 months, the cost is negotiable;

- behavior correction for dogs of all breeds from 1 lesson;

- training with overexposure (without the participation of the owner of the dog);

- a zoo hotel, the cost depending on the breed and place of keeping (aviary, house).

We offer group and individual lessons.

Group lessons are held on Sundays from 11.00 to 19.00 on the territory of the ISS Kennel Zoo at the address Moscow, st. Radio 5, building 4.

Individual lessons are held from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 19.00 by appointment.

Classes are conducted by certified dog trainers with higher specialized education, multiple prize-winners of the Russian and Russian Armed Forces IPO championships, in the sections tracking work, defense service, obedience, who have experience in training canine specialists with service dogs in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Enrollment in study groups is carried out from 10.00 to 18.00 by phone; 8-916-443-94-36; 8-916-250-99-99.

Upon completion of training and successful passing of tests, a diploma of the established form, confirmed by the ISS, is issued.