(International Championship)

team championship, individual championship.

1. The date of the International Sports Championship is held by the decision of the IKU Presidium /. IKU /

3. Dogs of any breeds are allowed to compete if they have passed the mandatory tests in the General Course of Obedience and the Protective Guard Service. / mandatory programs in each country may be different /

4. The panel of judges is appointed from among the sports judges, according to the track record.

5. Dogs participating in the competition must be vaccinated with the necessary vaccines at least 30 days before the competition.

6. Current bitches are not allowed to participate.

7. Full composition of the team: 4 participants - 2 / men, boys / 2 women, girls / age is not limited, but not younger than 14 years old /

Competition rules

1. Obedience course / sport / Maximum score 100 points

The participant with the dog goes to the start line. Leaves the dog in the designated place, leaves the leash there, and he himself runs in the opposite direction at a distance (the distance is set by the refereeing team, but not less than 20 m)

1. Commands at a great distance (in a mandatory sequence): from a lying position: / Sit, Stand, Lie - with a voice / Stand, Sit, Lie - with a gesture /

2. To me

- Team "To me". The dog runs up to the participant and sits down next to him.

3rd place.

Then the command is Place. The dog returns to the place where the leash was left (it is allowed to repeat the command 3 times).

4. Stop / stop the dog at a distance /

Then again the command to me. The dog reaches the center of the field, / there is a flag / the participant must stop it in the center of the field to the flag in any position (by any command Stop, Sit, Stand or Lie).

5. Crawl Next, the command to Lie and the command to Crawl (10 meters at the direction of the judge from flag to flag). then Sit. To me. the dog runs and sits down next to or in front of the instructor. Ultimately near.

6. Appport

- Then the grappling object is thrown. After 10 seconds, the dog is allowed to go behind the aorting object, the dog brings the apport to the participant, throws it in front of him, or the participant takes it himself. The competitor must pick up the apparatus without taking a step / two feet together / Otherwise 20 points


1, When working from a distance: Sit, Stand, Lie

- repeated command -2 points

- does not execute one of the teams even after the third team 10 points

- failure to execute two or more teams 20 points;

2. On command to me

- if the dog sits in front of the athlete and, on command, does not sit next to him afterwards - 20 points

3. Failure to execute the command Crawl 20 points; - The dog should not raise his elbows from the ground otherwise for each meter not crawled -2 points

4, The dog did not stop on command 20 points;

- stopped after the flag for 1 meter - 10 points

- stopped after the flag at a distance of more than 1 meter -20 points

5, Failure to execute the command Place 20 points; /

Note: must lie down / leash must be in front of her /

-if he lies on the leash with his hind legs -10 points

6, Failure to execute the command Aport 20 points;

7 When commands To me, Place, Aport, the dog does not run, but walks or runs very slowly, sluggish work 10 points.

Note: With the commands To me, Place, Apport: Each command can be repeated 3 (three) times.

- Repeated command-2 points, but if after the third command does not fulfill -20 points

7, On grabbing: The competitor must pick up the apparatus without taking a step / two feet together

Otherwise 20 points

2. Obstacle course.

Maximum score 100 points + points for time

The participant is obliged to lead the dog over the obstacles (time is taken into account) as possible with the least amount of penalties. If the dog has not overcome one of the obstacles, the runway is not counted. A participant can run with a dog together / may not run /, give any commands in any quantity, but he does not have the right to overcome the shells himself.


- Knocking down the bar on the barriers 10 points;

- Knocking down the bars during the long jump 20 points;

- Not touching the contact area (red line) 5 points;

- Not having endurance on the table 20 points;

- Mechanical impact 20 points;

- For each missed slalom pass 5 points;

- Retry 5 points;

- If the dog overcame the obstacle course for more than 90 seconds, the overcoming is not counted.

- The participant touches the projectile - 5 points each

Time score table

40 sec 50 b 50 sec 40 60 sec 30 b 70 sec 20 b 80 sec 10 b
  • 41 …… ... 49
  • 42 ... ... ... 48
  • 43 …… ... 47
  • 44 …… ... 46
  • 45 …… ... 45
  • 46 ... ... ... 44
  • 47 ... ... ... 43
  • 48 ... ... ... 42
  • 49 ……… 41
  • 90 ……… ..0
  • 91 ... filmed


3. Jumping high.

Maximum score 100 points

Height 1.2 m 40 points

Height 1.5 m 50 points

Height 1.8 m 80 points

Height 2.0 m 100 points.

There are no retries. Mechanical impact is not allowed. If, nevertheless, a mechanical impact is made, the jump is not valid and it is not allowed to repeat this jump.

4. Fetching your belongings.

Maximum score 100 points

The maximum allowable search time is 1 minute. Three attempts are allowed. / but in 1 minute /

Participant with a dog at the start. Leaves the dog on the line and approaches the judges: takes an object, holds it in his hands / 10 sec /, then the assistant judge puts this object in a square with many identical objects with tweezers. The participant with the dog at this moment stand with their backs to the given square. A minute later, the search begins. The dog searches for the scent of the owner by order. Allowed commands: (before the dog enters the square): Look, Smell, To me, Aport.

- When the dog is in a square, commands are prohibited.


- For each repeated attempt 25 points;

/ when the dog left the square and the participant starts the dog up again / but the total time is 1 min,

- The dog has found its object, but does not take it out of the square is not counted;

- The dog found its object, carried it out of the square, but did not convey 25 points to the owner.

The participant must take the object without taking a step / two feet together /

5. Protection of the owner, arrest of two attackers.

Maximum score 100 points


-Detention of the evader,

-Master protection

-Termination of the fight on command

-Excerpt during the search

-Security of violators without an instructor

The participant at the start places the dog. At the judge's signal, violators №1 and №2 move towards the start line at a certain distance from each other. Having reached a certain line, the offenders stop, shoot one shot at the participant with the dog at a time.

The participant lets the dog stop one of them (any). At the moment when the dog makes a grip, the offender fires two shots upward. The dog must not be scared. After two shots, the intruder stops fighting the dog: falls, lies face down and does not move.

At this time, the offender # 2 (who was standing motionless all this time) shoots twice and runs at the participant. The dog must switch to the offender # 2 and stop the attack on the participant. The participant submits any commands at this moment.

When the dog grabs the second offender, the offender falls / lies down facing the ground / and stops fighting.

Only after that, the participant has the right to remove the dog with a voice of 3 voice commands - / Nickname, Fu, To me / in any sequence / and if the dog does not obey, then remove it mechanically.

Then the participant and the offenders stand in their places (marked with circles in chalk or highlighted with flags), and the participant searches the offenders.

The search is carried out: Offenders stand with raised hands, the participant with the dog is in front of them at a distance of 3-5 meters, Leaves the dog in place, and he bypasses the offenders and searches them from the back, goes down to the shoes, then goes up to the raised hands, takes away the pistols , with a command will lay the violators face down to the ground, leave the dog on guard with the command / Guard / and quickly, at a slow pace or at an accelerated pace, bring the weapon to the judge, surrender the weapon, and he himself hides behind cover for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, at the direction of the line judge, the offender slowly gets up and runs away. The dog must immediately stop the movement of the offender.

If the dog does not pay attention to the fleeing offender or even went to the side where the participant took refuge, then the participant himself, by commands, helps to detain the fleeing person, he runs after the dog, picks it up after a grip by any method and, with the judge's permission, leaves the field.


- Lack of grasp, fear of the offender is removed;

- Fear of a shot 50 points;

- Mechanical impact during removal from the offender №-2 10 points;

- Weak grip, sluggish work 20 points;

- Temporary cessation of the grip (also releases during the shot) 20 points;

- Did not switch to the second violator at all, did not defend the participant within 10 seconds from the moment the violator fought with the owner 25 b;

- The offender is fighting with the participant, and the dog still helped the participant 10 points for 10 seconds;

- The dog interferes with the search, there are enough violators 5 points for each attempt (3 attempts are possible only during a search);

- The dog does not allow the search after the third attempt 25 points;

- The dog leaves the violators and runs away after the participant: if he completely does not pay attention to the rising violator 25 points; if it nevertheless turns around and catches up with the offender 15 points; / the participant does not have the right to give an FAS command /

- The dog guards the violators, but still allowed at least one violator to get on his feet, but after that he detains (not the attention of the dog) 15 points;

Note: You can hold the dog by the collar:

- on the start line,

- at the last stage of suppressing the offender's escape, the participant is allowed to remove the dog by mechanical action (not fined) and no longer let it go from the leash

Winner titles:

team championship, individual championship.

I. International Championship:

  • 1st place  Absolute Cynological / Pentathlon Champion
  • 2nd place  Silver medalist of the Championship in canine sports / pentathlon /
  • 3rd place  Bronze Medalist of the Championship in cynological sports / pentathlon.

Source:  Tbilisi. Plenum of the IKU Presidium 05/01/2011.